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What is Pyon Vans?

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Find Your Purpose, Simplify Your Life, Live Free

Suit and tie? Check. Busy metropolitan roads? Check. Longboard? CHECK. It was just another Chicago summer; hot, humid, and busy. Gene Hew, an analyst at a tech-enabled law firm named Axiom [also known as Axiom and Knowable currently], cruised into the office for his usual 9-5.. [READ MORE]

How to Convert a Ford Transit to Run Off Solar

Building luxury off-grid solar in a 2019 Ford Transit

The Story

Gene is the founder of Pyonvans.com, and this is their flagship model. He has been traveling during Covid, away from his home in Chicago, and is currently driving around the West Coast of the US.

His company converted a 2019 Ford Transit (similar to the wildly popular Mercedes Sprinter van) to be a livable, luxury home on wheels. The insides have quite some power requirements, and they decided to power them by solar when not connected to shore power… [READ MORE]

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