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General Information

Vanlife doesn’t have to be a full time commitment. Take your adventure whenever you wish with our build decked out for part time usage. Go offroad, hitch a trailer, and unwind in your own personal slice of freedom. 

Gas Mileage

20mpg (Highway)
14mpg (City)


Interior: Customizable
Exterior: Customizable

Detailed Specs

  • All custom woodwork
  • Focus on space conservation and multi-purpose functionality
  • Space transforms between normal seating to a queen sized bed
  • Modern durable materials
  • Comforts of a 21st century lifestyle incorporated into a build
  • Bulkhead and back window coverings for complete privacy and stealth. Have all your lights on and no one will know
  • Lightweight construction meant for off roading and off grid advantures
  • Rear wheel air suspension system for leveling
  • Bed/table transformational system that saves space
  • Countless other quality of life integrations to make you feel comfortable and cozy.
  • Dual 10 speed reversible remote controlled fans for circulation
  • 360 Watts of solar power
  • 12v AC that keeps you cool during the summer
  • 700AH of batteries , enough for 3 weeks of off grid living with no sunlight
  • Alternator charger, turning the car on will charge the electrical system
  • Freezer/fridge system running off of 12v, taking almost no power
  • Dimmable zone lighting with remote controls
  • Charging ports for 120v electronics, laptops, video game consoles, blenders, can handle up to 2000 watts of power
  • 12v USB charging ports by the bed with reading lights
  • Built in surround sound system with a subwoofer
  • 4G signal booster for boosting phone signals in remote areas
  • WIFI Jetpack for a built in hotspot for remote work
  • Artic grade thermal insulation for the wintertime
  • Webasto heater to keep warm during the winter. Integrated into the vans fuel system
  • Bulkhead and back window coverings for complete privacy and stealth. Have all your lights on and no one will know
  • 3 burner stove with an oven
  • Compostable toilet, vented so no smells permeate the cabin
  • Propane heated shower system with 40 gallons of water
  • Sink with removeable cutting board built in
  • Custom memory foam mattress for maximum comfort
  • Full hanging closet with mirror
  • Adjustable swivel table for seating


Highlighted Features


Self sustaining off grid tiny cabins dont need to be hooked up to any grid. Solar panels allow for complete freedom


Our builds utilize every square inch of space. Transforming furniture switches up the space allowing for your van to become a kitchen table or bed with a simple move.


Lightweight construction and optimizations allow for the van to travel offroad. 4×4 tires make easy work of difficult terrian. Unwind in the middle of nature with no worries.



Full Service Process for Builds

We know getting into vanlife is a daunting process. Our goal is to help you from beginning to end, making the process as easy and painless as possible.

  • From picking a good vehicle, used or new
  • 3D modeling according to your specifications
  • Custom builds from beginning to end with help every step of the way.

Please Reach Out With any Questions

We love to help. Our specalists will assist with anything you need clarified about the process.

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