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Pyon facilitates a new 21st century lifestyle by incorporating minimalist, focused design into custom built tech-enabled tiny homes. 

Designer build

Our team of specialized designers lovingly craft modules that you can mix and match. With configurations suited for all lifestyles, come pick and choose from a curated streamlined process.

Custom build

With our 50,000 square foot fabrication facility, we can build your van any way you wish. Thousands of materials, colors and layout configurations allow us to make your dream a reality.

Beautiful Modern Interiors

Living in a tiny space requires a rethinking of how each inch is utilized.

We are the only Custom Van conversion company in the Chicagoland area. If you’ve been dreaming about the vanlife for a while, we can help materialize your dream into reality. Park your house anywhere in the country, the world is your playground. Social distance in style, in your own off grid portable tiny house.

Want to have the old growth forest as your backyard? The ocean? Your favorite lake? Done. Our builds are completely stealth, which means you can park anywhere and no one will know you are inside.

Who says you need to sacrifice anything to do vanlife? A big concern for people is losing quality of life while traveling. Our builds are designed with comfort and tech integration in mind, it’s a futuristic and comfortable lifestyle available right now!

Our builds are completely custom, and include all the top of the line requirements you would need. 

We bring the future into the now.


Why Choose Pyon Vans?

Tech Focused

As pyoneers, technology inspires us, the future becomes the present with technology and our forward thinking philosophy.

Modern Convinence

4k TVs, Wifi Hotspot, Phone range extender, Video Game consoles. Just because it’s a van doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fruits of society.

Spatial Configuration

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean living small. Our builds utilize every square inch of space with multi-use design

Modern Design

We love design and we want your van to feel like an extension of you. Good design makes for good feelings.

Base Models

Basic layouts to get you on the road.

mobile nexus


  • Complete Privacy
  • More Insulated in Extreme Temperatures
  • Sound Deadening



  • Open Views for the Outdoors
  • 360 Viewport
  • More Spacious Feeling

“The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution
of those determined to be free.”
– John F. Kennedy

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